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From a series "Travel on the Cupid" (beginning XX of a century). The author's text: "the Shaman in the full attire - on a head a fur cap with burhalami, on a breast copper plates in which it beats at spells, in hands a stick fitted by a snake leather. The shaman - something like the priest, it - the sorcerer, the doctor and all".

Location and Date:   Russia / Dalny Vostok / Khabarovsk Region, 1900s.


Keywords man, boots, religion, mittens, beard
Photographer SOLDATOV V.
ID fs-photounion-05/01/S-006.jpg
Categories country life / village, religion and belief / shamanism, Russia - 1900-1950 / Soldatov V..
Technical data photograph / 18x24 cm, b&w, vertical.
Usage type unrestricted

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